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Hey I'm Lydia!

I'm a photographer filled of wonder and whimsy and capturing the like!

So drawn to the worlds we each create with moments and memories, feelings and dreams, I'm devoted to artfully capturing just this. I love documenting those unexplainable feelings our wonder world gives to us in the most intimate of moments and telling the stories each of us write. Through the work I create, if I am able to convey the loveliest of feelings in an image, I am hopeful  I have done my job. I invite you to look through the stories I've helped to authentically tell. If you feel connected to my work, don't be shy! Let's connect over a good cup of coffee or tea and share our stories.

"Photography, as we all know, isn't real at all. It is an illusion of reality with which we create our own private world."
-Arnold Newman

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