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Desi + Elliot Weiner

Desi + Elliot...​where to even start. I simply just cannot say enough about these sweet souls and their amazing tribe of friends and family. It was the most connected I have felt with a group of people I have just met for the first time. A wedding day is such an ethereal day that generates a unique energy unlike anything I've ever experienced. If you've had the chance to see me right after I finish up a wedding, you know I literally feel like I am glowing, unable to encompass the goodness from the day. Desi and Elliots wedding day was the epitome of this and I am so thankful I now hold the memories of their day. Desi and Elliot. True, loving, selfless, passionate, wholesome, and now so so very in love with one another. I will forever remember this wedding as one I have connected with in may ways. 

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